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Bajaj V – Reincarnation of INS Vikrant

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A minute long ad created by leo burnett for bajaj’s new bike Bajaj V. This is a bike which made from the part of Indian aircraft carrier INS vikrant. The ship which won 1971 battle against Pakistan is used to make fuel tank of this bike. The target audience for this ad is most people who wants solid bike with strength. Target audience can be anybody, People from urban to rural area of the country, because it is a mixture of sporty look and mileage.

This is a biggest launch of bajaj’s bike after Pulsar in 2001. It is 13 month long project, because it needs the actual footage of INS Vikrant from and they can’t find it online. It is a gigantic project and everything had to be done legally. It is like recalling the history and showing it publically.

 This ad must be created in a way that everybody feels patriotic because this is not fancy thing only, it is a ship which invaded Pakistan in 1971 and from it this bike has been created.

This is a huge marketing idea.


The cost of this bike will be between 65,000 to 70,000


Ad agency: Leo Burnett 


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