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BIBA changes dowry system in India

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Biba again comes up with another change. You know! We need to give fresh perspective on our old stereotype. India has a very old culture and beliefs. And dowry is one of them where bride’s family must pay it to the family of groom. And if it didn’t happen, bride can became a victim of domestic violence and in some cases she also lost her life which was taken by her in-laws.

But now the time has changed, and our mindsets also need to be change. And Biba has a perfect time to show this change to the society by their advertisement.

A son has decided to marry her girlfriend so his parent went to complete the pre-wedding formalities by meeting girl’s parents. When parent arrive home boy’s grandmother indirectly raise the issue of dowry. She pointed out the time when before marriage families need to decide the dowry. She feels disappointed towards new generation’s wedding decisions without all this formalities. For this entire boy’s father had an amazing answer to her mother. He replies that we did all this formalities and decided the amount of money which was given to girl’s father because we are taking their daughter we need to give them a dowry instead of taking. On this her mom reaction is cold but agreeable. And his wife is also impress by him for his wisdom.     

Advertising agency: Brandmover, India 



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