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Big Bazaar teaches to explode crackers

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Big bazaar has introduced mall culture in India. You can shop from toe to head requirements of yours at one place. Food items, electronics, gadgets, clothing, sport items, cosmetics and much more everything at one place. This is a very convenient to the consumers who really wants to shop quickly and save time. At first, this concept of mall could not be acceptable by layman because most of time it refuses the chance of bargain, because we love to do it. But slowly when everybody realize that time is more important than money! It became one stop solution for shopping.

I really didn’t remember any remarkable television commercial of Big Bazaar. But this one really grabs my attention because of the awareness which is spread by this advertisement. It is a very fine initiative from big bazaar. And they really take lead to promote environmentally positive activities. Well done and kudos to big bazaar for taking this initiative and spreading awareness about pollution.

Diwali – the festival of light is very near and ready to knock on our doorstep. It is the New Year for Indians and very jovial and fortunate day for them. And that happiness is celebrated by exploding crackers on those days. And the belief behind this is to provide a cause to run away of all the evil powers. But, now this belief is spreading pollution to the society and is the cause of global warming. It became an evil in itself. And that is why we need awareness about it. Instead of exploding cracker, children need to make handmade paper cracker and play with it. This allows children to get fun without being harmful to the environment. And this big bazaar advertisement plays the key role for it. if you ignore the cliché, you rally can find very fine learning from this big bazaar advertisement. 


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