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British Airway’s first Visit to India

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British airways have come up with inspiring true story to represent the hospitality of two cultures with full of emotions. As we Indians are emotional people, we can connect with it easily!! British airway’s cabin crew members suddenly transferred to Indian sector, during her first flight to India she encounters with a once-in-a lifetime experience. This film revolves that the business of serving others is always driven by immense care and love.

This film, revels the story of UK based cabin crew member who is flying to India for the first time. While serving the passenger she develops the bond with Indian old woman who insist her to visit her home in Hyderabad during her two days stay in India. First she declines, but then she found herself moving towards old woman’s home for visit.  At her home, she was very amazed by the hospitality she receives from old woman and her family which creates warmth in her heart and some beautiful memory to cherish.

This film is directed by neeraj ghawan, a director of recent Hindi film Masaan, this video went live on British airway’s official website. This campaign is simple and brilliant. It shows the subtle display of emotions and act of goodness.  

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