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Just Watch a Graphic Ad of FBB, 

Bold is Sexy, Varun Dhawan for fbb DENIMS

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Fashion,FBB,Katrina Kaif

Just Watch a Graphic Ad of FBB, 

Style up India Katrina Kaif for fbb

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Biba again comes up with another change. You know! We need to give fresh perspective on our old stereotype. India has a very old culture and beliefs. And dowry is one of them where bride’s family must pay it to the family of groom. And if it didn’t happen, bride can became a victim of domestic violence and in some cases she also lost her life which was taken by her in-laws.

But now the time has changed, and our mindsets also need to be change. And Biba has a perfect time to show this change to the society by their advertisement.

A son has decided to marry her girlfriend so his parent went to complete the pre-wedding formalities by meeting girl’s parents. When parent arrive home boy’s grandmother indirectly raise the issue of dowry. She pointed out the time when before marriage families need to decide the dowry. She feels disappointed towards new generation’s wedding decisions without all this formalities. For this entire boy’s father had an amazing answer to her mother. He replies that we did all this formalities and decided the amount of money which was given to girl’s father because we are taking their daughter we need to give them a dowry instead of taking. On this her mom reaction is cold but agreeable. And his wife is also impress by him for his wisdom.     

Advertising agency: Brandmover, India 


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Bigbasket.com an online grocery store has ad with superstar shah rukh khan. This ad represents shah rukh khan as bigbasketeer!, and what about you? The endorsement fee is under non disclosure agreement so it a secret about what charges paid by bigbasket to the superstar.

Big basket has selected SRK for his universal appeal the mass across the world. SRK is a very good actor, and can make any act believable and that’s what important for the brand like big basket.

Being a superstar gets you the chances to connect with lot more things in this world. From fashion to sports, cars to soaps and now this online grocery store “big basket”. This is not the only one online brand for whom SRK is endorsing YEPME is another online fashion retailer for it SRK is the brand ambassador. Reportedly, TV commercial of the brand featuring SRK will be out soon. 

In this ad, representative of the brand big basket – when reached at superstar’s house to deliver weekly grocery, they become amazed when they find superstar SRK himself in the kitchen to receive the groceries. SRK being very formal with them when one of them ask that a superstar like you have a job to ordering groceries then he tells them that this is his main role in the house. He also make sure when one of the representative ask for autograph he denies and assures that now every week you guys will come to deliver groceries to me in my house and we can get not only autograph but photograph also anytime! 

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A minute long ad created by leo burnett for bajaj’s new bike Bajaj V. This is a bike which made from the part of Indian aircraft carrier INS vikrant. The ship which won 1971 battle against Pakistan is used to make fuel tank of this bike. The target audience for this ad is most people who wants solid bike with strength. Target audience can be anybody, People from urban to rural area of the country, because it is a mixture of sporty look and mileage.

This is a biggest launch of bajaj’s bike after Pulsar in 2001. It is 13 month long project, because it needs the actual footage of INS Vikrant from and they can’t find it online. It is a gigantic project and everything had to be done legally. It is like recalling the history and showing it publically.

 This ad must be created in a way that everybody feels patriotic because this is not fancy thing only, it is a ship which invaded Pakistan in 1971 and from it this bike has been created.

This is a huge marketing idea.


The cost of this bike will be between 65,000 to 70,000


Ad agency: Leo Burnett 

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Fevicol the adhesive brand once again comes up with heart winning advertisement. A brand from Pidilite Industries Ltd. is best known for iconic advertisement and this new one titled Govind Ek, Dahi hadi Anek joins the line of its previous memorable advertisement. Dahi-handi ceremony which is celebrated on Krishna janamashtami is the center of this beautiful creation. On this day, a pot (handi) is tied with rope on a particular height and filled with curd, milk, butter, honey, and fruit along with prize money. Then a group of men form a human pyramid over one another’s shoulder to grab and break the pot.

A group of men create a human pyramid to reach a handi. However, they maintain the balance and move through the narrow lane to get the next venue. Crossing the obstacles the human pyramid firmly sticking together and makes its way through. Then, at the end people throwing water on the men referred as Govindas and vermillion washing off from their clothes and show the brand Fevicol imprinted on their T-shirts. Then tagline appears “The Ultimate Adhesive” on screen.   

This ad captures the energy and essence of the festival. It continues the legacy of the brand.  


Advertising agency: oglivy and mather 

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Ceat Tyre launched its new TVC with the aim to spread awareness of superior quality of their SUV tyres. Its vision is to drive leadership in SUV tyres market and is ready to be promoted in all type of media. Its aim to establish superior grip and control in demanding off-road terrain and make CEAT preferred choice for SUV tyres.

Young and premium owner of SUV’s are the target audience who like to explore all kind of terrain. This brings alive through the eyes of a young child who accompanies his father on one such journey. He uses his imagination to explain his experience and tell a story to his principle who is of course very much in shock.  

It brings alive strong grip of CEAT tyres that makes the first chpice of vecery consumer. Safety and strong grip has always been major aspect of CEAT tyres. It is also aimed to educate child to be aware of road safety in a fun way.


Creative Agency: Oglivy Mather 

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Last year in July, German airline Lufthansa launched its first campaign, “More Indian than you Think”. This campaign depicts country’s biggest festival Diwali, as they really care Indian customers and their culture.

McCann India, executed the video, it shows a participants having a chance to unite with their loved ones by registering their wish on microsite and getting a chance to win a tickets for Lufthansa airlines.     

Video titled “Celebrate Diwali like Never Before”, directed by satyajeet kadam, and it features actor Ramesh deo in the role of grandfather who wants to see his granddaughter from very long time. When he went through past memories, he get a call from his granddaughter which leave him surprised. Then, it directs the viewers to microsite to find out more.

It is a must watch creative with some good visual and voice over. It is really very emotional and engaging. 

Advertising agency :McCann India




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Now, the chocolate brand Cadbury Bourneville can be your end-of-the-day treat as per this campaign by Mondelez India. Titled “the perfect way to end the day”, this ad shows how a person can disconnect the world and enjoys his Bourneville on his return from the office. This campaign also supported by extensive sampling and outdoor and digital advertising.

The brands core target audience of the urban male in the age group of 25-35 years.  Ogilvy India, executed this video and represent Bourneville as an end-of-the-day treat.

This product, a dark chocolate which is to be consumed relaxes the mind and the body after a hard day at work and that is why it is not for a masses. This ad projects that this dark chocolate can slow things down for you and gives you “Me-time” whenever it needed. This dark chocolate comes in three variants – rich cocoa, Raisin and nut, and Cranberry and that is why it has also change in packaging.


Advertising agency: Ogilvy India



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British airways have come up with inspiring true story to represent the hospitality of two cultures with full of emotions. As we Indians are emotional people, we can connect with it easily!! British airway’s cabin crew members suddenly transferred to Indian sector, during her first flight to India she encounters with a once-in-a lifetime experience. This film revolves that the business of serving others is always driven by immense care and love.

This film, revels the story of UK based cabin crew member who is flying to India for the first time. While serving the passenger she develops the bond with Indian old woman who insist her to visit her home in Hyderabad during her two days stay in India. First she declines, but then she found herself moving towards old woman’s home for visit.  At her home, she was very amazed by the hospitality she receives from old woman and her family which creates warmth in her heart and some beautiful memory to cherish.

This film is directed by neeraj ghawan, a director of recent Hindi film Masaan, this video went live on British airway’s official website. This campaign is simple and brilliant. It shows the subtle display of emotions and act of goodness.  

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