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Century Ply : a good cause needs an actor!

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Century ply a renowned plywood brand has changed its brand tagline from “Sab Sahe Mast Rahe” to “khushiyo Ka Rangmanch” (a stage of happiness). To convey this, brand has a celebrity actor nana patekar. He is an artist from theatre and very famous for his signature acting in various films.


They conceptualized four films to shows the importance of furniture in our day to day life, which made with century ply.  In one of the film, whole family seated on their dining table, enjoying and appreciating cooked food and suddenly Nana appears from out of the blue. And he asks them why they don’t appreciate the dining table they use to eat on it. He then explains alternate uses of it and finally end up with the tag line it’s not just a table – its stage of happiness (Khushiyo Ka Rangmunch)


Same thing is explained by Nana to this family for different furniture of the house in another film. While they are enjoying the cricket match and cheering for them, again from out of the blue Nana appeared and as a onlooker he also starts cheering, but for sofa. Again whole family gets stunned and ready for explanation from Nana. Then he explain to them that “whenever somebody hits boundary from Indian team you all get excited and start celebration on this sofa and you also express your frustration on same sofa when somebody fails from the team. That sofa has a capacity for three people and still six of you seat on it every time. This sofa makes your family a team. This is not a sofa it is a stage of happiness (khushiyo ka Rangmanch).”


This campaign with Nana Patekar feels like a tribute to the furniture which stays in our house and tolerates all our emotions which our family goes through. Nana always stood for a good cause and this will also help the brand century ply.


Advertising agency: DDB Mudra, India


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