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Change is Quicker

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Change is good. But how many times could you go through from it? Well, basically here we are discussing “change is easy (Badalna hai aasan!)” for Quicker – an online platform for classified advertisement. It is a place where people can connect with other to buy or sell goods and other services.

This website gives us the facility to change anything instantly and any number of times. And to showcase this facility they created this two creative, one with celebrity star Ranveer Singh and other with an Indian comedy group AIB.  

The one with the star Ranveer Singh has emotional journey of every one of us. Because of our study or job and as a bachelor we need to shift our home frequently till the day we settle down in our own, and quicker help is to do it easily.  

Another with AIB, full of humor and has funny characters with comic treatment. Both have same messages and wonderful to watch and enjoy!


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