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Coca-cola: Hand Made Bottle

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That is the worldwide with no racism, I respect the creatively ideas came from peaceful, and how the imagination to think about the bottle and show it in two hand. It’s really great job that is the creatively idea in advertising. I like the combination between the races so it shows there is no different between colors.

In this picture advert by Coca-Cola, they are presenting how the Coca-Cola brand connects all types of people. The left hand is more male and possibly someone who participated in armed conflict, as seen by the military type jacket sleeve. And other hand, one that is more feminine, is covered in henna tattoos, which shows that such a person may be of Indian or Middle Eastern decent. Both hands are holding up a red bottle cap, infamous of the Coca-Cola brand. This shows that the brand is for all people of all backgrounds. Everyone is needed in order to support Coca-Cola. This more international based ad tries to cross foreign barriers and integrate the Coca-Cola brand all over the world. Such a recognized product like Coca-Cola does not need any information on such ads because the majority of people can associate the red bottle cap with the Coca-Cola brand name. Keep it up, great job.


Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Paris, France



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