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Drink and Drive is a violent offence

22 1962

Drink and Drive is the most violant offense as anyone can commite. here is the minologue of its victim  “I remember the advices my mom always used to passes to me. I am very thankful to her and proud of myself that I was her son. She always told me not to drink liquor, because it is very harmful. And I always follow that. Today we had a party at one of my friends’ home. The party was very good, my all friends are enjoying and all get drunk so badly. But I was the only person who hasn’t having a single drop of liquor. How could I get drunk? I made promise to my sweet mom that I will never touch the liquor. I remember everything whatever my mom told me and I always obey it sincerely. But right now I don’t know why I am lying on the road with so much of blood around me. I feel very wet and this red color of blood makes me nervous. A cop is here, I can’t listen them properly but they mumbling that I am not drunk but the other person who collide his car with mine was totally drunk. Today I feel that I am not able to see my family anymore. I feel I am going to die. But I have question why do I have to die? What mistake I did? I’ve always been a good person. I never did anything bad to others. And now, because of the other man’s mistake why I need to leave my mom and my family? Why that man had to drink and drive? He put me in this and he himself run away.” This is the monologue of the person who died after the collision of his car with the car of drunken driver. 

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