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Every Bride’s Dilemma

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Daughters are most fragile for fathers and becmes more when they becomes bride. And the time of her marriage is the most responsible and emotionally heavy time to spend for any father of this world. And at her marriage everyone from family gifts her something special, but as a father what is that special gift any father could give to her daughter? That is an assurance. If she felt insecure or beaten by her in-laws or her husband, she can get back to her maternal home anytime because the doors will always open for her no matter what the situation will be. But never ever be the silent victim of the domestic violence.

Aditi rao hydari with dilip tahil in this advertisement depicts the dilemma of a bride before her special moments of marriage. She looks very happy to get ready for her marriage. And everything she wears as a bride, it is a lovely gift of someone from her family. In this process she came to a newspaper in which she finds the news about domestic violence rates increases in country. But her father gives her respite and tells her that his door is always open for her in any situation. Well some of well brought daughters thoughts that if they raise their voice against domestic violence, it will destroy the prestige of her father or family. But the time has changed. And anybody who went through or still in it must raise their voice because if you do the law will do its job and rest of people will learn the lesson.



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