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Festival Time has no ends

22 2908

Festivals are always for the good of people. It connects every one of us and helps us to renew our relationship with each others. As a social animal we all have an emotions and it need to be fulfilled by gathering and celebrations. Festivals give us the opportunity to catch a time from our busy schedule and look after to our relatives, neighbor and loves ones. It is a good time to spend quality time with them and clear any bad air with them. But some people go far and do something very useful to nature, humanity and the universe.


This is a favorite biscuit brand Britania. And this creative reveal that the festival of light and happiness is for everyone. It cannot differentiate between religions. It only spread love and happiness, and that is why festival is for everyone.


And this one from sonyLiv describes the perfect meaning of the festival. We fight with them whom we love the most. But at a time of festival we cannot tolerate the distance between us. And this is the perfect time to forgive each other for their small mistakes and get together.


And this one from reliance fresh shows kindness towards animals during festive season. A very few human beings in this world who really value the life of others and this one is a perfect example of it.



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