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Fevicol Ek, Govinda Anek

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Fevicol the adhesive brand once again comes up with heart winning advertisement. A brand from Pidilite Industries Ltd. is best known for iconic advertisement and this new one titled Govind Ek, Dahi hadi Anek joins the line of its previous memorable advertisement. Dahi-handi ceremony which is celebrated on Krishna janamashtami is the center of this beautiful creation. On this day, a pot (handi) is tied with rope on a particular height and filled with curd, milk, butter, honey, and fruit along with prize money. Then a group of men form a human pyramid over one another’s shoulder to grab and break the pot.

A group of men create a human pyramid to reach a handi. However, they maintain the balance and move through the narrow lane to get the next venue. Crossing the obstacles the human pyramid firmly sticking together and makes its way through. Then, at the end people throwing water on the men referred as Govindas and vermillion washing off from their clothes and show the brand Fevicol imprinted on their T-shirts. Then tagline appears “The Ultimate Adhesive” on screen.   

This ad captures the energy and essence of the festival. It continues the legacy of the brand.  


Advertising agency: oglivy and mather 


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