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Fevikwik: humorous ad of 2015

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Fevikwik has come up with this ad in fab-2015. The news of India – Pakistan relation is always a headline of any news bureau, and it always generates the curiosity. During the cricket match it plunge the accelerator and reaches its full speed. Fevikwik, the adhesive brand from Pidilite industries come up with the TVC “TODO NAHI, JODO” during the ICC Word cup 2015 to convey the same insight. It shows the daily face-off between Indian and Pakistani soldier at the Wagah border in a humorous way.

During their usual border march, an Indian soldier and his Pakistani counterpart try to outdo one another and suddenly the sole of the Pakistani soldier’s shoes comes apart. And there comes the instant adhesive comes to rescue when Indian soldier uses it on his rival’s shoe. And then they salute each other and finish the march, and a voiceover says “Fevikwik. Todo Nahi Jodo”. 



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