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Ganesha wants our Mouse

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Ganesha is a Hindu god who has a mouse as his vehicle to roam in this whole universe. It seems absurd that elephant headed god ganesha has this little mouse as his vehicale – because it is sure that mouse would crushed to death by the weight of ganesha, but there was a back story about this relationship.  According to ganeshapurana the mouse was actually a god in his own right and his name was kroncha. Once, at the assembly of lord Indra there is a saint called muni vamadeva. And this kroncha stepping on the toes of muni vamadeva, than muni thought kroncha did it intentionally, in his enraged through a wrath to kroncha and curse him to become a mouse!


After becoming rodent and terrified he fell to his knees to muni and implored for mercy. This subdued muni’s anger and loosen up his curse, after he became a vehicle of lord gnesha all his suffering goes off. But in his new form as a animal, was not a ordinary mouse. He is as big as a mountain and destroys everything which came into his path. Ganesha heard about this and fight with him and conquer him and make him his vehicle. But again when he was not able bear the weight of ganesha, he requested the lord to make him-self light weighted so that he can bear him.

Well in this creative the mouse we used with our computer can be recycled and they just need to reach the right place where their lord is. And this is a really very good initiative by DDB Mudra for eco-friendly environment. 


For the technology, this is a very techie advertisement. By using stop motion effect they really create the impression of real mouse who get out of your daily garbage. And reach to its recycling destination of eganesha. May lord Ganesh bless your all equipments and mouse.



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