Home Advertisment Happy Independence Day: how can you respect the nation?

Happy Independence Day: how can you respect the nation?

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An independence day a delicate day will be here soon for convivial! And this year India will be completed 68 years of independence on August 15, 2015. But still the majority of Indian doesn’t know how to respect it. For instance, we would love to wave our national flag on Independence Day, while parade but not able to rip it respectively.


In this advertisement the same thing happens with our national anthem. What the circumstances are or will be, but you must respect your national anthem at any coast is the prime depiction of this emotionally creative advertisement which is released in public interest.


A normal day in India, women are busy with roadside snacks. A little school girl passes by it with her mum. Suddenly she got interested in the same road side snacks and runs towards it to grab it without her mother’s consent. And then the sudden change in atmosphere occurs. The wind blowing and newspaper fluctuate here and there. A watch repairer gets his tea and saw a drop of water fall in his tea-cup. He looks at the sky disorderly.  


A beggar lying on road feels the same on his body and is cautious. An older shoemaker grabbed his radio for whether broadcasting. Other child shoemakers who were sitting near him, staring while he was busy with setting right frequency on radio. In a way that radio was playing a national anthem of the country.


An older man was wise and tries to respect the national anthem by standing on his crutch because he was crippled. By watching the same, child shoemakers also got inspiration and do the same for national anthem’s respect. And the old man felt grateful for this.

And we hear the voice of Mr. Amitabh Bachhan which says “How can you respect the nation, if you cannot respect your national anthem, Respect your national anthem respect your nation.”


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