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Har Ghar Amul Ghar

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Amul is a stereotype of milk and its product in India. It is a company which serve milk products which is a part of daily convivial of every common man. Certainly, as its products company’s creative advertisements also catch the mass attention and make everyone to emotionally attach with it.

“Har ghar Amul ghar – every home is an Amul’s home” is video commercial which depict the struggle of couple whose child got new admission in a school. First day and some after that day was a very exited days for this couple, every day accordingly both parent takes charge to help child to be ready for school in early morning. But when days pass it became disastrous for them to get up early for their child. They both became reluctant. Nevertheless, both keep getting up early for their child but it makes no sense to their one and only child, it feels mechanical to him. And then a day comes when their child takes charge of himself. He prepares himself milk and breakfast then is ready for a school. 

The struggle of this family – one thing remains common and it’s an amul’s products. This helps child to not depend on anybody and make his own way to his progress.



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