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Hathi Cement : Ghost can be Trapped

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Ghosts can be funny also!, this is depict in this advertisement of Saurashtra Cement for their product "Hathi Cement". it was released in Apr-2007. A family comes to visit the graveyard, to pay tribute to one of their family member. after they leave the grave camera moves to the person whom the family was came to see at grave. But as he was now a ghost the family did not notice him and leave. Now the ghost is crying and woe about his death. he had not want to die this early and want to spend more life with his wife. While he was whining, from other grave one more experienced ghost comes out. He solicit him not to worry and be happy. But still he is arguing. Then, this experienced ghost wants to cheer him up and thats why he will take him for a movie. He agrees with him and both runs towrds the cinema. As they are ghost and having some special powers they across all the obstacle which comes their way.  

But at the end of the graveyard there is a huge wall, which is made-up of Hathi Cement. And the newely ghost does not know this, and he runs in his own whim. The other experienced ghost was screeming at him to stop because the wall made-up of Hathi Cement can be degereous to him. But he ignore him and continue to go ahead. But suddenly he impacted against the wall and goes unconcious.

And then comes a logo fromation and Tagline "Hathi Cement … Super Storng"


Advertising agency: Ogilvy and Mather, Mumbai, India




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