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Hindustan Unilever Initiative for your Health

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Hindustan Unilever has come up with the initiative which needs attention of people who ignores hygiene in their day to day life. And if you are not aware of this, children are best soul for you whom help you to be aware of it, according to this initiative from Hindustan Unilever.

There are so many other hygiene one should maintain in his/her body to be healthy like maintaining dental hygiene, taking shower, wearing clean cloth. But here this child shows us the very basic care we should take to live healthy life.

In India many of the children under 5 year of age get ill very easily and frequently. And these frequent illnesses resist their growth of mind and body. But they can get rid of any illness by adopting this little aadats. First is washing your hands with soap than drinking purified water and using clean toilets. These are the three aadats which uses your hand, mouth and bum. So please adopt them and help prevent you from any dieses.

Hindustan Unilever adopts Swaccha Addat, Swachha Bharat initiative to teach millions of children these three Addats.  


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