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how to launch entertainment channel !? : TNT showing it

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TNT is an entertainment broadcasting network in Belgium. Entertainment has many forms, and drama is one type of it. We have so many broadcasting networks which serves it on daily basis. Action drama, emotional drama, suspense drama – every one of it plays with our hormones and gives us excitements and thrills. And that is why we stick in front of that idiot box for hours.


To promote TNT’s launch in Belgium they aired a raving and cool ad on the road, for the people who are totally unaware about it. They just install the button “push to add drama”. And if, anybody did then the drama would be added to his/her life for next few minutes.


Whoever chose to push that button became victim and need to choose from blue and yellow. After that selection drama starts. Someone kills the girl; witness protection program van comes and took him to desolate place where he faces more drama. Gunfire broke out, between police and prisoner. Gunfire, bomb blast, fights every drama has to be shown to that person who dare to push that button and at the end it reveal the purpose of all this.

No doubt it went viral immediately and has watched by millions. So Take a look at this TNT’s creative and enjoy!


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