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HP India’s new rule : #bendtherule

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This HP campaign promotes the brand with new generation’s attitude, style and work habits. HP pavilion X360 convertible device can be first choice of next generation with its folding attributes which makes it very easy and compatible to use. This is the second year of HP India’s “bend the rule” campaign.    

In a survey of 20,000 respondent across USA, India, China, Brazil and Germany, conducted in 2014, as many as 12 percent of all tablet user, 11 percent of desktop user and 9 percent of notebook user are considering to replacing their current device in next three years.

New generation of consumer wants a device that affords a combination of portability, productivity and flexibility. And this HP pavilion X360 surely grants their wish. This colorful device with 360 degree hinge can easily transform itself from notebook to stand to tablet.

This a millennial time of this generation because we have so many entrepreneur whom are very young and dynamic, And who have decide to get out from their comfort zone and do something on their own which ban be their own idea, concept and creation but also useful to the consumer and beneficial for their name and fame. Today, company’s CEO or COO is young, and these youngsters are very comfortable telling their seniors what they want. They can say “this is a device I want to use, please arrange it for me”.

Young people have found their voice and as a technology company HP also is a part of their success, with this insight-full tagline “I like your’ soch’, but love my approach”. 


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