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Hrithik Roshan Shares something priceless

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A precious jewelry brand joyalukkas made celebrity star Hrithik Roshan Their brand ambassador for it first launch in India. Its look little absurd that a brand which has woman as its primary consumer present male celebrity as its ambassador. The synonym of Greek god – hrithik roshan has an innumerable amount of female fan following in India that’s why he perfectly endorsed the brand and brand used him fully to grab the female attention.

As a brand joyalukkas were the starter, but whereas Hrithik Roshan is an established and very famous celebrity face among the female consumer of India.

For joyalukkas, the decision to sign hritik roshan was strategic due to not only in India but also the global recognition he has received over the years as a symbol of Indian cinema and fashion icon. The reach of Indian cinema has gone beyond the boundaries and it just not remains for only Indian audience but also for the global audience. Hrithik Roshan is a part of the Group’s “be global, touch local” strategy.

In this video hrithik roshan admires women. He adores their uniqueness and intelligence, and also for their confident and inspiration. Women are always there for us as a friend, Sister, Mother and Better half.

And finally he compares women with gold, diamond and pearl – pure, precious and priceless.  



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