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Maggi: #WemissYouToo

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Maggi is missed by every one of us. And why not! It is an instant solution for our starvation. This two minutes instant food has become the most popular brand in India. It is a largest and most loved food brand in India.

Maggi ban was the type of trauma for the people for whom it is a savior from hunger. It takes only two minutes for preparation and also available in different types of flavor that’s why it is always in demand. Magi noodles started in early 1982 by Switzerland based company Nestle.

In the first instance for advertisement NIL (Nestle India Ltd) concentrate only on kids and introduce magi as an instant food which their mother could prepare easily. Nestle also targeted working women and it is a wonderful strategy. Because, as a working women they earn more money but having lesser time for cooking which helps idea of instant food go viral.

In this simple advertisement it raises the curiosity level for maggi by asking “kab vapas aaoge yaar!?” and yes most of us really want it back because we miss the times of lonely nights and early mornings which we spent with magi.

On 14th august Bombay high court crashed the magi ban. And ordered on more test and it maggi clears, it may welcome back for maggi. Nestle India plans to bring maggi back in market by the end of 2015.

And as a magi lover we can’t wait anymore! 


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