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Marriage by BIBA is good for everyone

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Marriage is a union of man and woman which forms the strongest of the relationship. And after performing sacred rituals it can be a soul with two bodies. It is a lifelong partnership and that is why one is free to choose his or her companion.

In India, mostly parents prefer arranges marriage for their children in their own cast and community. In past days children are suggested to marry the person whom is chose by his/her parents. And nobody can raise any objection in their decision. But now the time has changed. People getting education and they want to change these stereotypes. The process of arranged marriage is traditional but in this process also girl and boy both deserve the fair chance to select whether they want to go with their parent’s choice or not. And this is the motive of this beautiful commercial by BIBA an online fashion giant in India.


A girl with a dilemma, preparing herself for first visit with his future husband, and suddenly her father came to her and force her to be ready soon as everyone is waiting for her only. And from out of the blue girl raise a question to her father that how would she decide over a bite of snacks that this boy is a perfect match for her? And her father was stuck in astonishment about the question. But when she gets approval from boy’s family, her father also raise a question to them that is your son is able to take care of the house? Or is he also able to make any food for her?  And in this dilemma of boy’s family boy himself offer them to come his home after 10 days, because in this ten days he learn to cook and everything else which cannot be the reason of denial of the marriage.

Time is change and this is their change and it is a good. Change for the better things.   


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