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Mercedez Benz Funny Commercial: beauty is nothing without brains

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Funny commercials are the most preferable things to watch and enjoy. They not does effective advertisement of the product and simultaneously entertain the viewer. As describe here this Mercedes Benz commercial definitely gives you a laugh.

Mercedes Benz is a German automobile brand which is also use for luxury bus, coaches and trucks. Well the brand which needs no introduction but what they do for their advertisement is always eye catchy. This is for their new E-class which is a beauty with brain.   

Beauty! , her intelligence and illustration both are bearable; there after we compliment her as a beauty, without brain beauty is nothing. In this advertisement a blond woman enters into the library and asks librarian for French fries, burger and milkshakes very loudly. She irritates her by asking such dumb question but still she answers her very politely that this is a library. She acknowledges the place and again misinterprets it, this time she only lowers her voice and asks for same thing. Then we can see the tagline BEAUTY IS NOTHING WITHOUT BRAINS and finally we get the beauty with brain Mercedes Benz E-class. 



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