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Molestation! : #shareyourstory

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Molestation has no tolerance. Because it is nothing but a mantle trauma for the victim and sometimes it became lifelong wound on the mind of victim. To stop molestation we must share our understanding and experiences with our children, and aware them about the consequences of it, which could be very trace full for the victim. Molestation has no specific form and that is why it always a fun for the culprit because of the ignorance. So that is why from beginning of any such incidents we all need to make aware about it, both culprit and victim.

As a victim never ever take any type of molestation as granted. Always raise your voice against it and take proper action with the help of your guardian.

For culprit, put yourself or your loved ones in place of the victim and think what would you feel when someone else does the same as you are doing to others.

And as an elder it is our duty to educate our child by sharing our own experience with molestation. Share, Inspire and change. 


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