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NDTV initiative to Commit a Crime !?

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NDTV took initiative to aware us to report a crime if it was beheld by any of us. If you don’t do, it would be deemed that it was done by us including its original criminal. Well, if we define crime, it is just a breach of rules for which the authority can convict the criminal and do needful for the punishment. Different country, state and localities define crime differently. And it has also a procedure to find offender and make him guilty depending on proofs and eyewitness.

NDTV tries to simplify the procedure and Oglivy & Mather comes up with creative idea to convey this meaningful message to mass. “Neglecting a crime is also major crime” – following this message we have this creative video.

Murder, rapine, deception are the types of crimes and also there is a reason for a criminal to commit it. Poverty, hate, revenge, need are the reason behind it. But no reason is as strong as to play the deuce with any human being, it is wrong and everyone must have sagacity to ignore it no matter how bad the reason could be.

No religion or no any other outer source motivates us to commit a crime but it only depends on the person whom has total control of it. But sometimes we became coward and selfish that we can’t aware of consequences which would be faced by us in future. We just ignore it and do not try to report it to the authority. And that is why NDTV takes this initiative in public interest.  


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