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Never use Dr. Fixit of Pidilite

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Dr. Fixit by Pidilite, is a waterproofing solution and it is best in waterproofing material and chemical safe services. It was launched in 2001by Pidilite Industries Ltd.

Home is a last end of the world for everyone. And that is why; everyone must share their view while planning for their dream house. But, here what are we viewing is a contradiction of views for our dream house. It is the mild way to advertise for the product by contradicts of language and action.  

A family depicts their need one by one and according to their comfort. For their new home, wife wants a split in the wall so that she can deliver eatable directly from kitchen to dining room. And daughter wants wall full of moss so that she can write her name on wall by her fingernail very easily. And father wants ceiling with leakage so he can enjoy panting with water dropping. Rods need to be seen from the walls so that her mother can use it as a cloth hanger. And his hooligan wants wall full of crust. Every wish of their will be fulfilled if they ignore Dr. Fixit waterproofing solution, suggest architect.

So it is an indirect way of advertising of a product. This also shows all the benefits of product and then provokes us to not buy it for our betterment. 


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