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Old Fevicol ads that built brand

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Fevicol price in India could be low in past, but this creative plays an important role in the life-period of adhesive brand fevicol, which cause goodwill. Well, we decided to just look at the past life of advertising of fevicol brand which is now synonymous of adhesive in our country.

Fevicol price in India, whatever right now is because of this creative advertisement that we can predict. Because they are so cute, humorous and creative, which convey massage and put an impression on consumer’s mind.

In a hotel, chef was going to make an omelet and one of them was very hard and he couldn’t break it because a hen that creates it was eating bait from the empty pot of fevicol adhesive. This commercial advertising was made with common characters so that every Indian can relate with it and feel the same problems which were shown into it.

A group of carpenters felt the power of fevicol when the same scene of movie was plays on two different tv’s but still their climax was different which was caused by fevicol adhesive. And, direct advertising with tagline “ZOR LAGA LE HAISA” and Mr. Rajkumar Hirani, represents the strength of this adhesive and confronts the group of people and an elephant.

These are some description of the ads which were aired in past and get recognition. In every ad they represent the Indian culture and tradition, love and bond, fun and humor. Every rasa of life were there and they literary plays with emotion and create a brand. 


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