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Omron BP Machine can measure your emotion

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Omron BP machine is an easiest way to check your blood pressure without any assistance. And it is brought to us by Kyoto based Japanese electronics company Omron. Company founded in area of named “Omuro” Kyoto from which the name derived Omron.

Omron BP machine is a key prop in this very touching advertisement about mother and daughter relationship. In the life of every parent there is a time when their mind and body performs slow, at that crucial time their concern children can behave like their parent and take right decision for them. To maintain healthy relationship between two individual there is something which would be in knowledge of both of them and Blood Pressure is one of that thing.

Omron BP machine became the prime object to measure Blood Pressure and also the emotion of widow mother towards her daughter. That’s why she keeps doing whatever her daughter writes to do in a letter which came along with Omron BP machine by post. Her mother became happier when she draws her attention on a delicate issue of finding a man, but for whom!? is suspense and doesn't’t disclose it in letter.

Omron BP machine again play the key role to twist the plot. When daughter came home and reveals that she finds groom for her mother not for her. And her daughter again share the wisdom with her mother that something would be in knowledge of both of them and something would be a surprise for real excitements in the relationship. Her daughter wants her mother to be happy and may not be with her forever and that’s why she found a very good man for her mother rather finding one for herself.

It is an emotional creative piece of advertisement, a little lengthy, and it focuses more on emotion than brand Omron BP machine.

Advertising agency: Dentsu Marcom

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Titus Upputuru   


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