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Our Prime Minister’s Initiative

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Cleanliness is an initiative originally taken by our Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi. As a part of country or any system everybody is as responsible as our leaders. And this thought provoking video is a appeal to the population of India to take ownership of their Bharat and be ready that nobody can spread dirtiness in their respective areas.

This depicts the perfect clean India Mission. We have a different areas, street, beaches and famous constructions. Most of them are named after some legendry Indian personality. And if, from billions of Indian every one of us became an owner of it and be a guard and do not allow others to make it filthy then there is a no chance that India would be called dirty country anymore.

Clean India Mission is a vision of Mahatma Gandhi and our prime minister just give it a thrust to accomplish. If we understands the importance of cleanliness, than we help ourselves towards healthy and happy life in this beautiful country. This mission is more about changing the mindset of people and acknowledging the right of everyone for clean and healthy environment. 


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