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Psychology In Advertising

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Every seller on the planet knows the term psychology in advertising; if they don’t their advertising agencies must have this psychological knowledge in hand. Every product in market is not useful to the consumer, but their advertisement with sentiment and humor make consumer to build a use of that product in their life.

There are some terms of psychology.


Well, every one of us like to laugh and it is very good thing. But have you ever notice that the bad product uses the most amount of humor to sell their product. We have seen the advertisement of chewing gum or chocolates which have a plenty of humor that we remember them because of their humorous ad not for the quality of their product.



This is the psychological term of giving animal or any non-human object a human characteristic. When we see any animal that expresses human emotion easily and behave very smart. We love to see that and we actually love it, but have we realized how much training or suffering that creature has to through!?



They make us to feel self-doubt by injecting inadequate qualities in our mind. Most of the cosmetic brand uses this notorious psychology to make us buy their product and complete our self, using Photoshop for their model in advertisement.  


Reverse psychology

It involves influencing consumer to do what you want by pretending not to want it. Patagonia applied this concept to their print ad declaring, “Don’t buy this jacket”, which of course worked in reverse on the public.



Fifty percent less is the best misinterpretation of any advertisement.You must aware of that unfilled rebates go back to the manufacturer and clearing house


Social proof

 Tech shows on T.V. and reviews of the product in newspaper or in online blog are the best way to sell. They know that we value the consumer feedback much than ours own. Companies know this, and that is why they use LIKES and UPVOTES for advertisement of their product.



This is the edge of tactics which is used to consumer like “kya aapke tooth pest me namak hai…?”, “kya aapako pata hai…?”Or “use clinically proven lotion, shampoo or medicine” etc…



Cosmetic industry many time claims that they can repair DNA damage repair your cell in no time. They claim to rejuvenate the cell and turn back the clock.



It is a major area of moral concern. A scientific reason, when we see someone attractive our body releases hormones and our minds subconsciously connect with the feeling to product.  



Misleading visuals

Technologies like visual effect and graphics shows the different ad than the reality. Fast food ad, cold drinks, ice-cream, beautiful body images are shown to us like never seen before which really as fake as hell artificial.  Using potatoes instead of ice-cream and spraying food with colors or use the Photoshop to make the model perfect. Misleading visuals are the worst thing of all which damages the psychology of most probably of children.



There are many more psychological tactics which is used by many brands to promote their product. Feelings, nostalgia, cute faces, hot models and others as well. Try to spot it!




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