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Radio Mirchi : Mourn with it if you can?!

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Radio Mirchi has come up with new commercial and it is very engaging. In ancient India, there was a practice to hire professional mourners mostly women from lower caste to mourn upon the death of upper cast male. Due to their status in society they are not allowed to show their emotion in public, and that’s why instead of family members these mourners express grief of family.  

In this advertisement, same concept is used but in humorous way. To continue the legacy of family an old and head of the family mourner tries to teach her fellows of new generations to be a good mourners, but she fails every time. Whenever old mourner take them to funeral instead of crying they would yodeling their favorite song in their crying. And climate change! Sorrow becomes songs! And they got fired immediately. Elder mourner worries for her fellowers. She takes classes of every one, but it seems they really can’t be made for mourner. They can’t cry!  They always stay happy and always yodeling songs in their every visit as a mourner.Finally elder mourner finds that her fellowers use to stay tune with radio mirchi which is India’s most favorite radio station till date.

Well, this is an expected level of good work from the honcho. And it is funny, creative and also entertaining. See and find yourself. 


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