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Shah Rukh Khan IS Big Basketeer and you?

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Bigbasket.com an online grocery store has ad with superstar shah rukh khan. This ad represents shah rukh khan as bigbasketeer!, and what about you? The endorsement fee is under non disclosure agreement so it a secret about what charges paid by bigbasket to the superstar.

Big basket has selected SRK for his universal appeal the mass across the world. SRK is a very good actor, and can make any act believable and that’s what important for the brand like big basket.

Being a superstar gets you the chances to connect with lot more things in this world. From fashion to sports, cars to soaps and now this online grocery store “big basket”. This is not the only one online brand for whom SRK is endorsing YEPME is another online fashion retailer for it SRK is the brand ambassador. Reportedly, TV commercial of the brand featuring SRK will be out soon. 

In this ad, representative of the brand big basket – when reached at superstar’s house to deliver weekly grocery, they become amazed when they find superstar SRK himself in the kitchen to receive the groceries. SRK being very formal with them when one of them ask that a superstar like you have a job to ordering groceries then he tells them that this is his main role in the house. He also make sure when one of the representative ask for autograph he denies and assures that now every week you guys will come to deliver groceries to me in my house and we can get not only autograph but photograph also anytime! 


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