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Spend your RuPay Effectively

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Work is worship! But, is it a worth to work for the cost of our relations? RuPay debit card powered by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) shows us that earning money is important but to spend it on our happiness is more important!

            Money gives you status in society but it cannot give you the wisdom which comes from the strong bond of relations. Life is a playground for the wise, and relations make it possible. Where money cannot help relation can. And that is why we must put attention to our every relation with others, especially with our soul mate.

Here, in this creative advertisement a couple always misses a chance to be together on very common occasion like dinner and get together on Sunday. Because husband is very busy to earn his fortune. But a day comes when wife makes plan for the vacation and books online ticket with Rupay debit card. She chooses their journey from economy class but husband changes to business class. On a flight wife sitting alone waiting for her husband who is still not on flight while flight is being ready to take off. She tries to call, but no answer from him. Suddenly her husband appeared and tells her that the number you are trying to reach is currently unavailable for the next two weeks and then switch off the phone.

So it conveys the short message that taught us to spend money effectively rather only earn vigorously.  


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