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Gold jewelry is the ultimate gift to win your loved ones on this festive season. India’s most celebrated festival is Diwali – it is the New Year for all Hindus.  And buying gold and give it to your loved ones is the fruitful practice in India.

And this advertisement of gold jewelry by tanishq is a meaningful to maintain our family values and culture. Every year we celebrate Diwali as similar as its yester year. But because of this festival and its similar tradition we nurture our relationship with our loves ones.

Gold jewelry itself targets the eminent consumer of India – a woman. And Deepika Padukone is celebrity icon for Indian woman. And the way this advertisement shows the real family of her gets all the emotional attention of consumer.

And as a television advertisement it will get more attention because people still spend more time engaged with this medium. And it is a misconception to think people or mass turning off their TV’s to look at their computer. There are so many daily soap and comedy shows which is come into view by most of people and in their break time this would also create it magic, if it chooses show by TRP.

This type of advertisement also became a trend setter in past. So this diwali don’t forget to buy gold jewelry from Divyam by Tanishq for great beginning of New Year.