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Weather in India

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Weather of India is not so warm not cold, but always and according to season. In a country like India where weather is important because it has farming as a prime business and need probably most accurate weather forecast. Weather of India can’t sense equilibrium because the son of this country – a farmer who feed the whole country commits suicide. The reason behind it is drought, debt, government’s economy policies and use of genetically modified seed. Only employment they have is a ability to farm but because of above reason sometimes they face a major problem which leads them to commit suicide.

Sometimes weather of India also plays the key role for farmers. Every year they took a risk by taking debt from market to plant a crop. But what if there is no enough rainfall! Farmers need proper weather forecasting information so that they can plan according to it, but sometimes they failed.


In this creative advertisement the emotions moves from a girl towards her father. She always worries about her father and checks everyday on him. When suddenly she founds waterfall form her door frame she feels happiness, because her father gets what he wants, rain for crop. But she felt heart-broken when knows reality. To care of her father she hides a rope which is bought by her father because she has an illusion of suicide attempt by her father. One day she found that rope is missing from where she hides. She suddenly gets weird thoughts about her father. She runs towards her farm where she finds her father climb the rope on a tree. And she became hopeless and runs in angst. Her father sees her and takes her in her hand and asks about reason behind her weep. And finally climax makes our eyes wet. Millions of family across Indian lives in fear due to unforeseen weather condition and takes their lives. Skymetweather.com has taken the initiative to make accurate weather forecast easily accessible to all.