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The Real Indian hero : Hero MotoCorp

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A real Indian hero does not need to act cliché but, initiate the real deed, like Hero MotoCorp, India.  A delicate, cute infant and the symbol of patience and trust – daughters, around 15000 would get help from this CSR initiative by Hero MotoCorp.

In India daughters get more attention and care from parents, as they can be vulnerable in each aspect of life but not weak. As a child, daughters are very close and mostly to their father. He is an Indian hero for her because he is the one who pamper her most.

Indian Hero – Hero MotoCorp depict the consequences which became tolerance to this little angel because of malnutrition problems and any others. They have perfect data about girls facing problems in India. For example one million girls do not see their first birthday every year, more than 50% of girls in India, are malnourished and before the age of 18 they got married, and 53% of girls can’t afford education. Well the data are terrifying, and hopes it will get diminish in future. And that’s why Hero MotoCorp privileged to adopt 15000 girls for their holistic development and support.

The juxtaposition of the images is very beautiful and the sound track of “LADAKI” by Sachin-Jigar is real Indian Hero for this video. 


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