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This advertisement introduce new types of Helmet

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It is very sad that we need to produce such type of awareness campaign for our careless people, who are not capable to take care of themselves only. Riding a bike is a macho act for many, but it doesn’t mean that you can be so careless and avoid the consequences of not wearing helmet.

This advertisement from Ogilvy & Mather depicts how innocent people behave while a salesman sarcastically offers them a head if they lost their in any accident. He also allure them to buy different human heads instead of wearing real helmet by giving some cliché excuses that normal people would always deliver while someone insist them to wear helmet.

Periodically government has to come up with this type of public awareness videos for the people. It is a shame for the people whom need reason from government for their own safety.  


But this initiative from Indian head injury foundation is a most humorous way to convey the message and it worth your time.  



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