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Urban Ladder : For Beautiful Homes

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From Bangalore, urban ladder is a online shopper of furniture. It has verities of sofa, bed, wardrobe, dining and many others. Right now this company present in 19 cities of India and expanding its presence more. It is awarded best digital startup award by internet and mobile association of India.

And this is a short film named “The Homecoming” about promotion of every product of urban ladder which can bring luxury and comfort to your home.

This short is about a young couple who wants their parents to live with them in a metro city. On diwali they visit son’s home but the couple sense the difficulties older couple face, adjusting in their home. Every difficulty like eating with knife and fork, sleeping on the soft bed makes his father uncomfortable. Then, his mother explains to his son that her husband like to sit on the swing and read Hindi newspaper and, this changes make his father uneasy. But when older couple pays the visit to a relative and came back the find their room redone with furniture of their liking. Everything is according to their need and comfort. Swing with Hindi newspaper, photo frame of their older days. Parents felt very glad and touched by the efforts by their son and his wife. And then decide to move in with his son.

Beautiful homes are not built by beautiful furniture but with the lot of improvements and changes to it. This film not only captures the beautiful furniture but also beautiful relationship between new and old. 


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