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WMF Knives: Sharper than you think

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Sharper than you think! By seeing this creative poster only, can you decide the product? Not accurately, but perhaps you imagine that it may be like cutter or something like that. Am I right? Yes you are thinking straight; it is a WMF knives product.
That is the magic of creativity. By putting all the metaphor within the frame if you can convey the accurate message with simplicity, you are genius.
But the question is that if the knives are that much sharpens, would it also hurt humans just like this cutting board, who is only concern for his/her lunch or dinner?
Yes, the product itself conveyed the message that it’s for a kitchen use. But I feel a very tiny amount of negativity, which is of course you can neglact it. And it still has a spark.  

Agency: KNSK, Germany


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